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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2-ի ավարտը բացատրվում է

Since the airing of the of Էլիտար 2-րդ եթերաշրջանի դասասենյակ and the final 13th episode that it contained, some fans have been left wondering about the ending that we were giving for the second season, which was very exciting and action packed. In this article, we will go over the second season of Էլիտայի դասասենյակ and the final episode it featured. This is Elite սեզոնի 2-րդ սեզոնը Episode 13 Explained.

With the introduction of a few new characters and the continuation of the original plot we got in season 1, Ռյուեն makes a particular number of appearances especially during the end and many other characters pop up as well. There was also a tiny amount of Romance involved with this season as we saw Կիյոտակա being asked out and him also linking up with Կեյ Կարուիզավա multiple times, however that turned out to be just Կիյոտակա using her for his own game.

What is the main narrative of Classroom of the Elite Season 2?

The main narrative of Էլիտար 2-րդ եթերաշրջանի դասասենյակ is pretty simple as it follows on from the first season and all the events that took place during this season. There are a few people who are aware that there is someone who seems to be manipulating everyone and pulling everyones strings in secret, but the the classes they belong two haven’t caught up yet.

In this season, the main focus is on Ռյուեն, since he get’s played a bunch of times by the same person, Կիյոտակա. During season 2, and in the final episode, there were a number of scenes which validated my previous opinion about Կիյոտակա being a manipulative sociopath. There are a number of scenes where Կիյոտակա just blatantly uses people.

In fact, there is a scene, where Karuizawa admits ‘he uses people without a second thought’ – this is an interesting scene since Kiytotaka reveals himself at the end, but I’ll come to that later.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 ending explained

To discuss the ending of Classroom of the Elite season 2 Episode 13 we need to discuss Kiytotaka’s actions with Karuizawa, and how they lead to Kiytotaka coming to save her in the final episode when Ռյուեն starts abusing her.

Over the course of the first episodes Կիյոտակա realises that Karuizawa is being subject to bullying by a group of girls from Ryūen’s class. Class C. During this time, Karuizawa is sent a message so she can meet up with a class member.

However, when she arrives at the meet up spot, she isn’t greeted by the person she wanted to meet, but by the group of bullies that were harassing her before. This leads to her being surrounded and bullied while they mock her about her appearance and persona.

It’s a pretty harrowing scene to watch and it showed that there are characters in the series how can be brought to their breaking points. Whats more was that at the end of the scene it was revealed that Կիյոտակա had been watching the incident the entire time. and it was covered in this YouTube video you can view below.

Կիյոտակա watches as Karuizawa is bullied.

After we see Կիյոտակա watching over them, he says, “Getting Karuizawa to rock bottom will save me time. This is necessary.” The reason he says this is because it’s actually Կիյոտակա who set Karuizawa up in the first place.

After the girls leave, Karuizawa is left crying on the floor, when Կիյոտակա approaches her, and basically messes with her emotions so he can manipulate her into doing what he says for the remainder of the episodes.

During the scene he approaches her and asks for her trust, saying he will protect her, again the bullies. However, the reason that he does this isn’t because he cares for her, it’s because he wants to use the situation to his advantage.

He shows her a recording of the girls bullying her and says if they ever bother her again, she can simply show the video to the staff of the academy and get the girls excluded.

Why episode 12 is more important than the final episode

So, because of this strange but one sided relationship that he forms with Karuizawa, he is able to use her to obtain info on other Classes and individuals and keep an eye out to make sure his real identity of the mastermind who is pulling Class D’s strings is revealed.

Միակ բանը, որ Կիյոտակա does not take into account is Ռյուեն figuring out that there is a mastermind who is pulling Class Ds strings. This is something that happens in Classroom of the Elite Season 2 episode 13.

Թեեւ Ռյուեն is not the smartest character in the show, he certainly proved himself capable in this season, demonstrating an understanding of how to carry out and execute his own plans and class goals, whilst also trying to figure out who is pulling Class C’s strings as well.

Եզրափակիչ դրվագում ՝ Ռյուեն cleverly conducts a plan in order to draw out the “Mastermind” as he calls them. He does this by sending a photo of Karuizawa դեպի Կիյոտակա and some other Class C members, which results in Կիյոտակա realising that someone is onto him. This was needed since Ռյուեն was starting to go a bit mental, knowing that there was someone who was in control and that they were just out of reach for him.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2-ի ավարտը բացատրվում է
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Սրանից հետո Ռյուեն հրահանգներ Karuizawa to meet him, after she does, it’s revealed that it’s a trap and that they intend to use her to draw out Կիյոտակա. It basically works, but not in the way they intend. This is because Կիյոտակա shoes up just in time to save Karuizawa, yet he doesn’t care about her anyway.

Պարզվում է Կիյոտակա doesn’t even care if his identity is uncovered, he says this Ռյուեն when they meet. Ռյուեն and his gang start trying to fight Կիյոտակա, but he defeats them all, Ռյուեն included, although he puts up a bit more of a fight.

In fact the reason that episode 12 is by far the best episode of the season, is because of this fight. Կիյոտակա notes that during this fight, Ռյուեն has his own adaptive and personal fighting style which has been created from his own fights.

So, after the fight, Կիյոտակա վերցնում Karuizawa back to her room and she trusts him again, thanking him for saving her in the neck of time. In addition, this adds to the regard that Karuizawa պահումների Կիյոտակա in, and because of this, she trusts him much more. However, just like always, it’s revealed that Կիյոտակա intended for this to happen to the whole time. But before we get to that, let’s talk about the final episode.

Classroom of the Elite Season2 ending explained

To understand the final episode and what it means for Classroom of the Elite Season 3. The final episode is very much linked to episode 12 and it’s what you would call a rounding off episode. All the final loose ends are cut and we get a nice conclusion to the second season of one of the most popular Anime right now.

After the fight, Ռյուեն meets up with Կիյոտակա and reveals that he tried to quit the school by confessing to spray painting the cameras so no one could see what they were doing to Karuizawa. Կիյոտակա says he was impressed with the fight and how Ռյուեն գործածեց այն:

Ռյուեն asked if Կիյոտակա wants him to spy on the other classes for him, and Կիյոտակա declines, asking him why he’d even want to do that. The two talk about Քուշիդա, and how if she is not removed, she will ultimately prevent them from getting to Class A.

Ռյուեն even compares he to a cancer, saying if it is not cut out, it will spread and become a big problem later on, so Կիյոտակա admits that he has a plan for her, and that he will have her kicked out of school next year, to which Ռյուեն ծիծաղում է:

After the fight with Ռյուեն, theres a scene where Կիյոտակա և Karuizawa are walking back together and Karuizawa thinks about how Կիյոտակա “uses people without a second thought” and how even though he saved her, she still likes him, she even contemplates the possibility that she might be in love with him.

As you can see, the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 դրվագ 13 ending was pretty conclusive, and well thought out, we saw conclusions for so many of the sub-narratives which started in the first season and second season. But more importantly, we get a final insight into the mind of Կիյոտակա.

Նա խոսում է Karuizawa, saying how “now she’ll be entirely dependant on me” – thinking that because he said he was going to leave her, she was met with a feeling of abandonment, so when she is at her breaking point when she is being bullied by Ռյուեն, Կիյոտակա came in and saved her, solidifying her trust in him and making her be totally dependant on him.

It’s a sad but insightful end to the second season and to be honest, it left me a bit disappointed. However, the fight scene in դրվագ 12 was really good and I’m glad the that the season ended like this. It’s great since we know another season is already on the way, as it would be a bit sad if this was the final episode of the season finale.

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